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Over nearly two decades, TVS Acoustics has established reputation as one of the UK’s leading suppliers and installers of acoustic floors to cinemas, bowling alleys, theatres and gyms as well as a wide variety of commercial and residential buildings. Our range of services, from noise and vibration surveys to specialist consultancy, and from bespoke manufacture of materials to supply and installation, is matched by our portfolio of prestigious clients and successful projects.
Today TVS Acoustics can demonstrate an enviable track record in delivering acoustic, noise and vibration isolation solutions across a wide variety of sectors from construction and leisure to industrial, HVAC and structural engineering markets.
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Our range of services is matched by our portfolio of prestigious clients and successful projects. By offering clients a comprehensive service, from initial technical analysis and solution strategies, to the efficient on-site installation of high quality materials and systems, TVS Acoustics aims to exceed the expectations of our customers.

TVS Acoustic Underlay and Underscreed materials have been developed to be used to reduce the passage of sound through a floor/ceiling construction. Whilst most commonly used in floor constructions between dwellings to meet the requirements of Approved Document Part E, these materials can offer valuable acoustic performance in all types of construction including schools, gyms, supermarkets, hospitals and warehouses.

Acoustic Underlay Materials

The purpose of an acoustic underlay material is to reduce the impact sound at the source. Installed directly beneath the final floor finish, these resilient layers are particularly essential when a hard, solid floor finish is to be used.

Acoustic Underscreed Materials

TVS’s range of underscreed isolation materials provide a resilient layer between the main structure of a building and all types of floor screed. This resilient layer acts to reduce the transmission of vibrations in the screed transmitting into the main structure, improving both the impact and the airborne acoustic performance of the overall floor construction.


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