Acoustic jack-up floors are specialized flooring systems designed to provide acoustic insulation or soundproofing in various settings, such as theaters, concert halls, recording studios, or even in industrial facilities where noise control is crucial.

These floors are often used in situations where there is a need to isolate the space from external noise or to prevent sound from escaping the space. Acoustic Spring Jack Up Floors represent state-of-the-art technology to control vibration and structure-borne noise within buildings. 

At system natural frequencies, ranging from 7Hz down to 2.5Hz, TVS Acoustics steel spring elements provide the most efficient solutions in protecting highly sensitive areas from mechanical vibration and structure-borne noise.

Mitigation of structure-borne noise and vibration starts at frequencies as low as 4Hz thus giving the TVS Acoustics system and advantage over elastic pad material.

TVS Acoustics offers a variety of spring element systems for floating floors. In additions to a large number of steel springs of different elasticity and load capacity there are several element systems available designed for a wide range of applications. For more details and technical specifications about these systems please download our brochure on this page.

Contact us on 01706 260220 and we will recommend the most suitable system for your specific needs and provide you with the latest information on available technologies and products.

click here to download tvs acoustic spring jack-up floor data sheet download brochure


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